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How to recognize fresh fish…

osteria rosso divino taormina
  1. Don’t be misguided by the term “fresh.” Most landlocked areas selling fish usually have two types of fish – thawed or frozen, unless it is an upstanding vendor who really likes freshness.
  2. Look for firm, shiny flesh. It should bounce back when touched.
  3. Sniff the fish. A “fresh” fish should not smell “fishy”, but should have the odor of the ocean – such as a fresh ocean breeze.
  4. Check the eyes. If the head is on, fresh fish should have clear eyes, no cloudiness should be present. They should bulge a little.
  5. Check the gills. If whole, they should be bright pink/red and wet, not slimy or dry.
  6. Check cuts of fish. Fish fillets and steaks should be moist and without change of color.
  7. On Fillets and steaks, look for flesh separation and gaps. If the meat separates from itself it’s not fresh.
  8. Look for discoloration, brown or yellow edges, and a spongy consistency, these are all signs of aging fish.


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